Our Services

At Memory Catchers, we utilize professional-grade hardware and software, not the low-quality equipment found in consumer electronics stores. We strive for the highest level of quality in our work, we do our best to restore quality to the highest level while maintaining your privacy. We limit watching any of the media to the bare minimum unless specifically requested. Unlike other companies, your videos receive individualized care and attention to ensure the best results.

Below are just some of the formats we can accept. Please call to verify but we will do our best to accomidate all.

VHS Tapes

8mm, Hi8, DV Tapes

Negatives and Slides

Audio Tapes and Much More


Our pricing can start as low as $20, and varies based on the level of work involved, including factors like video length, additional artwork, number of source tapes, and editing requirements. Unlike other online services, we do not offer a one-price-fits-all model as we believe this is unjust. Our prices reflect only the specific work you request. Please reach out for a free assesment and quote.

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